Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) For Sale

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Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) For Sale

Anadenanthera colubrina seeds For Sale at, otherwise called Yopo seeds. A seed pack of 10 gram contains roughly 55 seeds.

Birthplace : Andes Argentina

Basic names: Yopo, Villca, Cebil (Argentina), Huilca, Angico preto (Brazil), Curupay-atá (Paraguay).

Family: Leguminosae Mimosoideae.

From far off occasions, the native inhabitants of different pieces of South America have known about the stimulating properties of assorted types of the variety Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) For Sale. The Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) For Sale are either ground with a mortar and pestle into a powder or oistened and folded into a hard glue with some lime. In certain zones the seeds are additionally smoked. The seeds of this species A. colubrina were utilized as a snuff or in drink in pre-Columbian occasions.

In Argentina, the early Spaniards found the Comechin Indians taking sebil “through the nose” to get inebriated, and in another clan a similar plant was bitten for perseverance. Since these Indian societies have vanished, our insight into vilca snuffs and their utilization is restricted. The dynamic constituents of the Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” (10 grams) For Sale are bufotenine and tryptamine


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